Hardware Features

In-System Programming as known as ISP

It is the ability of devices to being programmed while installed in a complete system , rather than requiring the chip to be programmed prior installing or prior to being mounted .
ISP operations enables users to directly recover the complete data without removing the chip ( eMMC , eMCP, NAND ,etc.. )

Integrated Voltage Control

All (I/O) levels will be detected automatically for the eMMC / Device Levels

eMMC Pinout / Connections

D0 / DAT0 / DATA0 , CMD , CLK , VCC , VCCQ , GND
The more D/DAT/DATA pin connected the faster it will be .
Most eMMC devices are 8bit(s) ( D0,D1,D2,D3,D4,D5,D6,D7)

Support Page

Free Unlimited Technical Documents , Pinouts , Manuals Free Unlimited Mobile phone Dumps , Files resources

Low-Level Access

eMMC Pro HW and SW is able to acces the eMMC every part / partitions and zones so you won't miss a spot ! eMMC Pro is designed for Low-Level Operations and designed for Professionals not just a Simple Reader

Software Features

USER Area access Read / Write / Erase / Format
BOOT 1 Acces Read / Write
BOOT 2 Acces Read / Write
extCSD Access Read / Write
*GPP1 Access Read / Write
*GPP2 Access Read / Write
*GPP3 Access Read / Write
*GPP4 Access Read / Write
RPBM Read / Write

Direct Partition Access

Accessing the neccessary partitions save time and let you accomplsh the job in a short time .

Stop / Resume | Fail / Resume

There are many reasons you want to stop on-going reading or you want to continue later .
Resume is such option let you complete the previous operations in future .
Supported Devices
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