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eMMC Pro provides a comprehensive eMMC repair solution with read/write, partitioning, and backup/restore features for technicians, repair experts, and forensic specialists.

About Us

eMMC Pro is tailored for eMMC storage devices, which are commonly found in mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, as well as other embedded systems. These non-volatile memory devices utilize NAND flash technology for data storage, making eMMC Pro an essential tool for managing and repairing such devices.

  • Read/Write operations
  • Partition management
  • eMMC Firmware Repair

For many years, eMMC Pro has been a trusted solution for technicians, forensics enthusiasts, and professionals in the mobile phone repair, data recovery, and TV eMMC repair industries. Developed and supported by a highly skilled team, eMMC Pro has consistently delivered exceptional performance and top-notch customer support.
Our extensive in-house research ensures a comprehensive list of supported devices, enabling users to tackle a wide range of eMMC repair and recovery tasks with confidence and success.

Hardware Features


Integrated Voltage Control

The eMMC Pro automatically detects all input/output (I/O) levels, ensuring seamless compatibility with various eMMC devices and their respective voltage levels.


eMMC Pinout / Connections

The eMMC Pro supports D0/DAT0/DATA0, CMD, CLK, VCC, VCCQ, and GND connections. Connecting more D/DAT/DATA pins enhances the speed, with most eMMC devices utilizing 8-bit data lines (D0, D1, D2, D3, D4, D5, D6, and D7) for optimal performance.


Support Page

With eMMC Pro, enjoy unlimited access to a wealth of technical documents, pinouts, manuals, as well as mobile phone dumps and files – all provided free of charge to support your professional needs.


ISP Technology: Streamlined Data Recovery

ISP technology enables seamless device programming within a system, allowing direct data recovery from eMMC, eMCP, NAND, and more, without chip removal - a time-saving and efficient approach for tech-savvy users.)


Low-Level Access

eMMC Pro's advanced hardware and software grant comprehensive access to all eMMC partitions and zones, ensuring thorough coverage. Specifically designed for low-level operations, eMMC Pro caters to the needs of professionals in the field.

Software Features


Efficient Partition Access

With eMMC Pro's Direct Partition Access feature, you can swiftly access the necessary partitions, saving time and enabling you to complete tasks more efficiently. This streamlined performance is designed to enhance your overall experience and productivity while working with eMMC devices.


Flexible Operations without Data Loss

Resume functionality in eMMC Pro allows users to pause ongoing read operations and continue later as needed. This feature ensures flexibility and convenience without compromising data integrity, enabling users to complete previous tasks at a later time without losing any crucial information.

USER Area access Read / Write / Erase / Format
BOOT 1 Acces Read / Write
BOOT 2 Acces Read / Write
extCSD Access Read / Write
*GPP1 Access Read / Write
*GPP2 Access Read / Write
*GPP3 Access Read / Write
*GPP4 Access Read / Write

Release Notes

  • 01eMMC Pro V1.13

    # Android MTK Scatter Flashing UI.
    # Partition options displayed for MTK Devices.
    # '0x8': 'Revision 1.8 (for MMC v5.1).
    # File close bug is fixed.

  • # Android MTK Scatter Structure re-written.
    # New Security upgraded , no more virus warning.
    # Fix for upgrade newest version.
    # Minor Bugs Fixed.
    # Download.

  • # Forensically Sound software.
    # Extract Partitions , EFI , GPT Supported.
    # File On Load Partition Table.
    # UI improvements.
    #Forensics Splash Screen.
    > Download : eMMC Forensics V1.02 : eMMCForensics.rar


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