Change Log

Changelog posts

The following change log shows the status of the development cycle of eMMC Pro in chronological order, with the latest update displayed at the top and subsequent updates listed in descending order

January 2, 2019

eMMC Pro V1.14

    MTK Scatter Structure re-written
    New Security upgraded , no more virus warning.
    Fix for upgrade newest version
    Minor Bugs Fixed

April 20, 2018

eMMC Pro V1.13

    Android MTK Scatter Flashing UI.
    Partition options displayed for MTK Devices
    '0x8': 'Revision 1.8 (for MMC v5.1)
    File close bug is fixed.

February 2, 2018

eMMC Pro V1.12

    Android MTK Scatter Flashing improved
    CID Bug fixed on the UI

January 17, 2018

eMMC Pro V1.11

    Android MTK Scatter Flashing implemented.
    Preloader.bin header generating automatically
    Boot Size Api's implemented into software
    MTK Scatter Algorithm added
    User interface smart collapse and expand for the clear UI
    Progressive firmware for the return api's

August 12, 2017

eMMC Pro V1.10

    eMMC RPBM Resize can be set upto 8 MB Size
    eMMC BOOT Resize set-up can be 1MB , 2MB , 3MB , 4MB , 5 MB, 6MB , 8MB
    GP1,GP2,GP3,GP4 can be activated upto 40MB Sizes
    Samsung Factory Reset Added.
    Samsung S.M.A.R.T Report added
    Bug Fixed in the eMMC Size for over 64GB size.

June 5, 2017

eMMC Pro V1.09

    Samsung eMMC Firmware Update ( FFU Update )
    Samsung eMMC Firmware Read
    Qualcomm Disk with eMMC Booster interface selected
    Samsung eMMC Boot Resize ( Partition )
    Samsung eMMC RPBM Resize ( Partition )
    eMMC BOOT CFG Setup
    Samsung eMMC CID Writing / Patch
    MTK Preloader.bin CID Parsing for the UI
    UI - Selection of BOOT Size : 1MB to 8MB
    UI - Selection of RPMB Size : 128KB to 1024KB
    UI - Selection BOOT Configuration
    UI - CID Write Module
    UI - CID Load from preloader.bin
    UI - Firmware list with Upgrade and Read options
    New Firmware Released Version = 2017052915210004
    Detection Routines improved.

January 16, 2017

eMMC Pro V1.08

    SW Default Set as "12 Mhz"
    Format Functions added
    Partitioning / GP Area Partitioning features added
    Config Features Added
    Soft Erase Function Added
    Deep Erase Function Added
    UI - Full Flash mode added
    UI - Partition mode added
    UI - Selection USER ( ROM1 )
    UI - Selection BOOT1 ( ROM2 )
    UI - Selection BOOT2 ( ROM3 )d
    UI - CID Parsing
    UI - CSD Parsing
    UI - Config Added
    UI - GP Area Partition Settings added
    UI - New Firmware Released Version = 2016122615000000
    Detection Routines improved.

October 7, 2016

eMMC Pro V1.07

    SW Default Set as "18 Mhz"
    New Firmware Released Version = 2014053015000002
    Frequency Stabilized.

July 16, 2016

eMMC Pro V1.06

    Detecting eMMC Controls added
    Errors and Handling
    Error Codes
    Writing to Fake I/O Bug is fixed.

July 11, 2016

eMMC Pro V1.05

    File Loading Partitions available
    Partition save with right click on the partition
    Minor Bugs Fixed

June 09, 2016

eMMC Pro V1.04

    Repair Package with XML support
    Dump File Partition Displayed

May 30, 2016

eMMC Pro V1.03

    Support Login added
    Detection Routines Improved
    Improved Speed One Bit with D0-DAT0 1Mbyte/s

May 18, 2016

eMMC Pro V1.01

    Support ISP voltages
    Support eMMC / SD / eMCP Types
    General I/O options implemented hardware
    Partition display function is added
    Resume Function bug Fixed
    Selecting Hardware option added ( eMMC Booster and eMMC Pro )
    Disk Size is added to full read option.
    EXT_CSD read / write added.
    Save File bug Fixed