Release Notes

  • # Support ISP voltages.
    # Support eMMC / SD / eMCP Types.
    # General I/O options implemented hardware
    # Partition display function is added
    # Save File bug Fixed
    # Resume Function bug Fixed
    # Selecting Hardware option added ( eMMC Booster and eMMC Pro )
    # Disk Size is added to full read option.
    # EXT_CSD read / write added.

  • # Internal Release.

  • # Login to Support implemented.
    1 - Click Support Login
    2 - Enter your e-mail
    3 - Validate your e-mail
    4 - Activated
    Download : eMMC Pro V1.03 Latest.rar

  • # Repair Package with XML support
    1 - Select XML File inside your Repair Pack
    2 - Partitions will be loaded
    3 - Select Neccessary Partitions
    4 - Click Write
    Dump File Partition Displayed
    Download : eMMC Pro V1.04 Latest.rar

  • # Forensically Sound software.
    # Reading Data Forensically sound.
    # Reading Data Loaders improved / updated.
    # Write / Erase / Wipe options removed from sources.
    # This project intended to serve Law enforcement and Forensics Specialists Project progress will grow seperately from eMMC Pro - Device Programmer and versions . Forensics features request please contact us :
    # Download : eMMC Forensics V1.01 eMMCForensics.rar

  • # Minor Bugs Fixed
    # File Loading Partitions available.
    1 - Tick Partition to write single partitions
    # Partition save with right click on the partition
    Download : eMMC Pro V1.05 Latest.rar

  • # Forensically Sound software.
    # Extract Partitions , EFI , GPT Supported.
    # File On Load Partition Table.
    # UI improvements.
    # Forensics Splash Screen.
    Download : eMMC Forensics V1.02 eMMCForensics.rar

  • # Detecting eMMC Controls added
    # Errors and Handling
    # Writing to Fake I/O Bug is fixed.
    # Error Codes
    # Error Messages and Handling ;

    CMD_CRC_FAIL = (1) which is Command response received (but CRC check failed)
    DATA_CRC_FAIL = (2) which is Data bock sent/received (CRC check Failed)
    CMD_RSP_TIMEOUT = (3) which is Command response timeout
    DATA_TIMEOUT = (4) which is Data time out
    TX_UNDERRUN = (5) which is Transmit FIFO under-run
    RX_OVERRUN = (6) which is Receive FIFO over-run
    START_BIT_ERR = (7) which is Start bit not detected on all data signals in widE bus mode
    CMD_OUT_OF_RANGE = (8) which is CMD's argument was out of range
    ADDR_MISALIGNED = (9) which is Misaligned address
    BLOCK_LEN_ERR = (10) which is Transferred block length is not allowed for the card or the number of transferred bytes does not match the block length
    ERASE_SEQ_ERR = (11) which is An error in the sequence of erase command occurs
    BAD_ERASE_PARAM = (12) which is An Invalid selection for erase groups
    WRITE_PROT_VIOLATION = (13) which is Attempt to program a write protect block
    LOCK_UNLOCK_FAILED = (14) which is Sequence or password error has been detected in unlock command or if there was an attempt to access a locked card
    COM_CRC_FAILED = (15) which is CRC check of the previous command failed
    ILLEGAL_CMD = (16) which is Command is not legal for the card state
    CARD_ECC_FAILED = (17) which is Card internal ECC was applied but failed to correct the data
    CC_ERROR = (18) which is Internal card controller error
    GENERAL_UNKNOWN_ERROR = (19) which is General or Unknown error
    STREAM_READ_UNDERRUN = (20) which is The card could not sustain data transfer in stream read operation.
    STREAM_WRITE_OVERRUN = (21) which is The card could not sustain data programming in stream mode
    CID_CSD_OVERWRITE = (22) which is CID/CSD overwrite error
    WP_ERASE_SKIP = (23) which is only partial address space was erased
    CARD_ECC_DISABLED = (24) which is Command has been executed without using internal ECC
    ERASE_RESET = (25) which is Erase sequence was cleared before executing because an out of erase sequence command was received
    AKE_SEQ_ERROR = (26) which is Error in sequence of authentication.
    ADDR_OUT_OF_RANGE = (28)
    SWITCH_ERROR = (29)
    SDIO_DISABLED = (30)

    Standard errors and messages ;
    ERROR = (41)
    OK = (42)
    CMD1_TIMEOUT = (60)
    Download : eMMC Pro V1.06 Latest.rar

  • # Frequency Stabilized.
    # SW Default Set as "18 Mhz"
    # You can change frequency up-to 42 Mhz for now which makes it faster than before.
    # New Firmware Released Version = 2014053015000002
    Download : eMMC Pro V1.07 Latest.rar

  • Detection Routines improved.
    # SW Default Set as "12 Mhz"
    # Format Functions added
    # Partitioning / GP Area Partitioning features added.
    # Config Features Added.
    # Soft Erase Function Added.
    # Deep Erase Function Added.
    # UI - Full Flash mode added.
    # UI - Partition mode added.
    # UI - Selection USER ( ROM1 ).
    # UI - Selection BOOT1 ( ROM2 ).
    # UI - Selection BOOT2 ( ROM3 ).
    # UI - CID Parsing.
    # UI - CSD Parsing.
    # UI - Config Added.
    # UI - GP Area Partition Settings added.
    # New Firmware Released Version = 2016122615000000
    When you first run eMMC Pro V1.08 sw will update your firmware . With the new firmware we have implemented better detection and more features. and makes it more stable and alot more powerful.

    Config Features Added

    We have added Format , Soft Erase , Deep Erase Function in the software

    Soft Erase

    Provides a host explicit erase function. The erasable unit of the eMMC is the “Erase Group”; Erase group is measured in write blocks which are the basic writable units of the Device. Once the erase command completes successfully, the device address range that was erased shall behave- as if it was overwritten with all ‘0’ or all ‘1’ depending on the different memory technology.

    Deep Erase

    In addition to the Soft Erase command there is also an optional Deep Erase command. The Deep Erase command differs from the Soft Erase command in that it requires the device to - execute the erase operation on the memory array when the command is issued and requires the device and host to wait until the operation is complete. This should be executed the Deep Erase command with caution to avoid unintentional data loss.

    Solution for :

    # Wipe failed on MTK devices will be easily fixed with this option. # Corrupt Disk not functioning will be solved such as Disks "not write protected" but devices can not be written firmware. Partitioning : General Purpose Area Partition, RPMB Partitions can be configured General Purpose Partitions can be programmed by the setting the corresponding- values defined on eMMC Pro Software and written into the Extended CSD registers only once in the device life-cycle.

    UI Improvements :

    Full Flash mode : When the file is selected with Full Flash Mode . You are able to write the complete file as one and whole !

    Partition mode :

    Partitions of the Dump File Selected will be displayed on the eMMC Pro UI By selecting each partition and selected partitions will be written into target device .

    Frequency Set :

    12 Mhz as Default

    Area :

    USER ( ROM1 )
    BOOT1 ( ROM2 )
    BOOT2 ( ROM3 )
    In order to comply among the eMMC Boxes and for easy understanding for our users . We have identified the on the software ROM1 , ROM2 and ROM3 for each Area There is full access (R/W) and all the features are compatible with eMMC Pro.

    CID / CSD Parsing :

    There is alot of information is provided with the CID and CSD Values such as Manufacturer Details , Device Configuration , Write Protection , Serial Number , etc.. Complete device specifications of the eMMC Complete identification of the eMMC will be displayed in eMMC Pro UI .

    Pro Support page :

    We are sorry we had a down time during the new year season but we recovered everything is perfect now . Thanks for all the feedbacks.


  • # Android MTK Scatter Flashing improved.
    # CID Bug fixed on the UI.

  • [5 JUNE 2017]

    # Detection Routines improved .
    # Samsung eMMC Firmware Update ( FFU Update )
    # Samsung eMMC Firmware Read
    # Qualcomm Disk with eMMC Booster interface selected
    # Samsung eMMC Boot Resize ( Partition )
    # Samsung eMMC RPBM Resize ( Partition )
    # eMMC BOOT CFG Setup
    # Samsung eMMC CID Writing / Patch
    # MTK Preloader.bin CID Parsing for the UI
    # UI - Selection of BOOT Size : 1MB to 8MB
    # UI - Selection of RPMB Size : 128KB to 1024KB
    # UI - Selection BOOT Configuration
    # UI - CID Write Module
    # UI - CID Load from preloader.bin
    # UI - Firmware list with Upgrade and Read options
    # New Firmware Released Version = 2017052915210004

    When you first run eMMC Pro V1.09 sw will update your firmware . With the new firmware we have implemented better detection and more features. and makes it more stable and alot more powerful with more powerful features.

    [Samsung eMMC Firmware Update] Vendor CMDs and sequences implemented in order to update and repair Dead eMMCs

    Solution for the known problems :

    Brick boot
    Boot Loop
    SD Mounting Problems
    E:failed to mount /data (No such file or directory)
    ODIN Flashing failed on PIT known as PIT Failed.
    Complete(Write) operation failed.

    Firmware List :


    [Samsung eMMC Firmware Read:]

    You can read Samsung eMMC Firmware's in case you have New Samsung eMMC in your hand which is not supported !

    [Qualcomm Disk with eMMC Booster:]

    When there is a Qualcomm disk is connected you can choose eMMC Booster on the interface and write proper dump for it. eMMC Pro Software handle the procedures directly into Qualcomm Disk !

    [Samsung eMMC Boot Resize ( Partition ) :]

    Re-Configuring BOOT1 , BOOT2 , RPMB Configuring Partition Sizes is important if you do not have matching eMMC for another device . [Solution for :] MTK Devices or any Device for this matter should be able to match the original device (eMMC Configuration ) will let the device work properly.

    [eMMC BOOT CFG Setup :]

    BOOT Configuration Setup Device (eMMC) to boot in particular Area of the Device •BOOT1 •BOOT2 •USER Area •No Boot

    [Samsung eMMC CID Writing / Patch :]

    Writing any CID into device will help you configure Samsung eMMCs into any eMMC !
    For ex : Hynix CID into Samsung eMMC to act as Hynix eMMC
    Solution for : Many MTK Mobile phones with unique CID determined !

    [MTK Preloader.bin CID Parsing for the UI ]

    Parse the preloader.bin and select in order to make it compatible eMMC CID .

    [BOOT Size : ]

    You can select the BOOT Size that you want to configure
    1MB , 2MB , 4MB , 8MB

    [RPMB Size: ]

    You can select the RPMB Size that you want to configure
    128KB , 256KB , 512KB , 1024KB

    [BOOT Configuration : ]

    User selects boot data that will be sent to device
    Device not boot enabled (default)
    Boot partition 1 enabled for boot
    Boot partition 2 enabled for boot
    User area enabled for boot

    [CID Write Module: ]

    CID Box acts as Combobox when selected a preloader.bin Modify and write the require CID into Device.

    [CID Load from preloader.bin: ]

    Small Button with [+] Loads the preloader.bin and parse into Combobox you to select !

    [Upgrade Firmware : ]

    It will write selected firmware into eMMC eMMC ID should match with the Firmware otherwise writing process will fail or will not work .

    [ New Firmware : 2017052915210004 ]

    •Box Firmware with New Functions and CMDs implemented

    Thank you for all eMMC Pro Customers to keep sending us requests and suggestions . There is a lot more to come

    Best Regards eMMC Pro Team note

  • # Bug Fixed in the eMMC Size for over 64GB size.
    # eMMC RPBM Resize can be set upto 8 MB Size
    # eMMC BOOT Resize set-up can be 1MB , 2MB , 3MB , 4MB , 5 MB, 6MB , 8MB
    # GP1,GP2,GP3,GP4 can be activated upto 40MB Sizes
    # Samsung Factory Reset Added.
    # Samsung S.M.A.R.T Report Added.

    Samsung Factory Reset Added

    Samsung Factory Reset will reset eMMC Configurations to factory state

    eMMC RPBM Resize:

    You can resize the eMMC RPMB Partition up-to 8MB different to 1.09 Expanded.

    eMMC BOOT Resize:

    You can resize the eMMC BOOT Partition included 3MB , 5MB and 6MB different to 1.09 Expanded.

    Samsung S.M.A.R.T Report:

    Samsung S.M.A.R.T Report CMD's and sequences implemented.

    GP1,GP2,GP3,GP4 Activating the Partitions :

    Resizing and activating GP1,GP2,GP3,GP4 partitions is important in some mobile phones contain this partitions

    Solution for :

    # it is critical to repair ASUS Zenfone.


  • # Android MTK Scatter Flashing implemented.
    # Preloader.bin header generating automatically
    # Boot Size Api's implemented into software
    # MTK Scatter Algorithm added
    # User interface smart collapse and expand for the clear UI
    # Progressive firmware for the return api's
    Download link

    note note note

  • # #Android MTK Scatter Flashing UI.
    # Partition options displayed for MTK Devices.
    # '0x8': 'Revision 1.8 (for MMC v5.1).
    # File close bug is fixed.

  • # Android MTK Scatter Structure re-written
    # New Security upgraded , no more virus warning .
    # Fix for upgrade newest version
    # Minor Bugs Fixed
    # Download