eMMC Pro V1.09

[5 JUNE 2017]
 We are trying to make more powerful eMMC software with every each update
 There are alof of optimizations and progress based on customers requests and demands.
When you first run eMMC Pro V1.09 sw will update your firmware .
With the new firmware we have implemented better detection and more features.
and makes it more stable and alot more powerful with more powerful features.
[Samsung eMMC Firmware Update]
Vendor CMDs and sequences implemented in order to update and repair Dead eMMCs
Solution for the known problems :

Firmware List :
[Samsung eMMC Firmware Read:]
 You can read Samsung eMMC Firmware's in case you have New Samsung eMMC in your hand which is not supported !
[Qualcomm Disk with eMMC Booster:]
 When there is a Qualcomm disk is connected you can choose eMMC Booster on the interface and write proper dump for it.
 eMMC Pro Software handle the procedures directly into Qualcomm Disk !

 [Samsung eMMC Boot Resize ( Partition ) :]
 Re-Configuring BOOT1 , BOOT2 , RPMB
 Configuring Partition Sizes is important if you do not have matching eMMC for another device .
 [Solution for :] MTK Devices or any Device for this matter should be able to match the original device (eMMC Configuration ) will let the device work properly .
[eMMC BOOT CFG Setup :]
 BOOT Configuration Setup Device (eMMC) to boot in particular Area of the Device

[Samsung eMMC CID Writing / Patch :]
 Writing any CID into device will help you configure Samsung eMMCs into any eMMC !
For ex : Hynix CID into Samsung eMMC to act as Hynix eMMC
Solution for : Many MTK Mobile phones with unique CID determined !

[MTK Preloader.bin CID Parsing for the UI ]
 Parse the preloader.bin and select in order to make it compatible eMMC CID .

[UI Definitions :]
[BOOT Size : ]
 You can select the BOOT Size that you want to configure
 1MB , 2MB , 4MB , 8MB

[RPMB Size: ]
 You can select the RPMB Size that you want to configure
 128KB , 256KB , 512KB , 1024KB

[BOOT Configuration : ]
 User selects boot data that will be sent to device

[CID Write Module: ]
 CID Box acts as Combobox when selected a preloader.bin
 Modify and write the require CID into Device .

[CID Load from

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